portrait 001 : Shinji : blue sheep in the pool





< fish in the water >


My creation process is like putting various baby fishes in the water and leave them to grow.  After a while, you would find those little ones big enough to catch, and sometimes they are even bigger than we expect.  Every little fish is different, and its like making a big patchwork with little pieces from all of my experiences.  Perhaps this would be similar to the process how my character was shaped.






< Title No. 0 >


I simply create sound and music, and the titles are always the last thing on my mind.  Sometimes I take the other way around but the outcome often becomes dull.

But when making titles, I give it a thought seriously and choose each word really carefully.  I take time to make it right, both in the meaning and how it sounds.






< Music is silent>


My musics dont have meanings.  They cant tell anything. If you want to explain something, just trust language and let it speak.

Music is music, and the sound and note is everything.

In galleries, we try to find a title of each exhibit, and often end up finding them titled  No.0 or something totally meaningless.  But when I find a little dramatic title like In the stardust.  I just want to say really ??!  I doubt the artist !  But its not a bad thing at all.  Perhaps we should enjoy the ambivalence too.




<sound, and music>


I compose musics, but my goal is to create the sound, like pictures or sculptures, which exist like objects.  I hope to affect the audience in a good way through their ears, and everything I create springs from myself like this.




< on a color palette >


What color I am … ??  Color …  ???  Too hard to choose, I cant see it yet.   But ultramarine has always been my goal.  Not yet reaching there, but hoping to be, definitely.









Interview with Shinji Wakasa : July 2019 at studio gris


photography : Masa Hamanoi