portrait 002 : Marta : grey, orange and yellow – into a kaleidoscope




<back in the home country>


It took me time to settle down and catch up with everything; especially in the first months of the year due to the uncertain times we are all going through. Now, I feel very happy to be back in Spain and to be able to spend quality time with my family and friends. I’m excited to work in my country as well and face new challenges.





<color of Japan, color of Madrid >


Japan has been a huge inspiration for my photography career; I miss the rhythm of the country, the calm and the explosion of contrasts that led me to bring my camera everywhere.

I think the first color that comes to my mind when I think of Japan is green. The special connection that Japan has with nature is very strong. I couldn’t help but connect the country with its green scenery.


Madrid has a warmer palette, I would say that It is a place full of vibrant colors; Madrid is a cozy city that has a special ability to recharge you of light and energy.




<Color of myself >


When I was in Japan, it was probably grey.  I don’t relate grey with sad feeling, for me it was more about balance and being in place. That was Japan gave me, serenity.


And now in Madrid, I feel that I’m orange / yellow, the colors of a sunrise.





<Question from another artist : portrait 003 Eriko >


Is there any connection between your current career and how you spent your childhood ?   


Since I was a child, I’ve seen my parents appreciating and paying attention to the small details such as crafts, decorations, arts … so I think that helped me to keep my artistic sensitivity open.


I don’t remember having any specific memory about photography in particular since It is a skill I’ve been developing with the years, but I do remember I had a special impact with paintings when I visited the Prado Museum in Madrid with my school. The Goya and Velazquez paintings took my breath away.







<3 questions to the future contributors for this project :>


* What do you think is the most important step in a creative process?

* If you had to live 1 year in a different city / country around the world, which one would you choose ? why?

* Could you describe your work in 3 words?






About Marta :


Marta Rubio is a Spanish photographer / artist now based in Madrid.  In the past years she has lived in different cities around the world, Madrid, London, New York and Tokyo.  We met in Tokyo, and she has created beautiful editorial with friends and myself.   It was such a fortunate encounter.  She is an absolute gem, sparkling wherever she is.    Here are some of her works :

BUNON : The Garden editorial by Marta Rubio

CATZORANGE : Into the Fall – editorial by Marta Rubio




Interview with Marta Rubio, photographer / artist


Photo session : July 2019 at studio gris, Tokyo

Photographer : Masa Hamanoi


Interview by email : June 2021  Madrid / Tokyo