GURはポルトガルのデザイナー、Célia Esteves によるプロジェクト。子供の頃から慣れ親しんできたポルトガル伝統のラグを、熟練した職人たちと共に、より楽しく新しいものへと進化させました。
床に敷いて使うことももちろんできますが、壁に飾ってデザインを楽しむタペストリーとして選ばれることも多い、GUR のラグ。


Playing with tradition.

Working with artists and illustrators, Célia Esteves of Rugs by GUR blends Portugal's traditional weaving heritage with a touch of fun and design.
Working in partnership artisanal rug weavers, GUR invites artists to express themselves on this support with a very specific technique using the same materials with the authenticity of a traditional kitchen rug but now much more fun. GUR can be the first place where you put your feet in the morning, a picnic friend or a frame in your living room. Hopefully the collection will keep on growing with new collaborations, keep on checking then!

All rugs by GUR are handmade, held in a traditional handloom with cotton using either the embossing technique or colours overlaying and finished with basic sewing.

In the process of creating a new GUR, we always experiment new techniques to translate the artist's designs more effectively. We are very limited in a way, but part of the fun in the process is to find new solutions. GUR is never a copy of the original design; it is the translation of that design into the weaving technique. And it's this with all its limitations that allow us to discover new ways of working. The outcome is always a surprise, usually a good one.